SR&ED Financing With Boast.AI

Automate your SR&ED estimates and get instant access to your refunds


Boast.AI turns your R&D into an asset, so you can access your SR&ED refunds throughout the year instead of waiting for tax season and CRA processing times.

What is SR&ED Financing?

While you perform R&D activities and incur expenses throughout the year, you can't access your SR&ED refund until your claim is approved by the CRA.
Traditional lenders provide SR&ED Financing as a bridge loan from the time the SR&ED claim is filed to when the tax refund is received from the CRA.

Use Boast.AI for SR&ED Financing

Boast.AI allows you to access your SR&ED refund as a quarterly cash advance against your company’s accrued SR&ED tax credits. This means you can access capital as early as 3 months into your tax year. 

Boast.AI Financing Benefits:

  • Affordable non-dilutive capital
  • Predictable cash flows
  • Extend your cash runway
  • Accelerate company growth 

Don’t wait 12-16 months to get your SR&ED refund.

No equity. No red-tape.

Leverage Your Accrued SR&ED Credits to Fund Your Business

With Boast.AI, You Have One Platform to Help You Grow

Eliminate Redundancies, Streamline Processes and
Increase the Capital Efficiency of Your Company

Connect Your Systems

We gather data from your systems (e.g. JIRA, GitHub, ADP, Quickbooks) to identify eligible projects, employee time, and expenses.

"Boast is a startup's dream partner. They take something incredibly complex and make it completely easy. They are not paid unless we get paid. I only wish I'd found Boast many years ago and would recommend them to any CEO. Their team is world-class and felt like an extension of our own team. I'm excited to work with Boast for many years to come."

Automate Your Claims

Our algorithms and experts proactively prepare and estimate your SR&ED claims through the year so you don't have to scramble at year-end.

“Boast was 100X better than any other firm we have used in the past. They worked hard to ensure we could maximize our R&D tax credits and made the process seamless from end-to-end. They are always very responsive to our emails and phone calls. A truly exceptional partner!"

Get Money Now

Don't wait 12-16 months for your SR&ED refund. Fuel your growth without the grunt work and audit risk. 

“When we started working with Boast, we were being audited for R&D Tax Credits. Boast helped us pass the audit in 8 business days! The following year, they actually found more money than we were previously claiming, increasing our refund by 10%.

SR&ED Software That Increases Refunds & Gives You Cash Now

We gather data from your technical and financial systems to identify and categorize SR&ED eligible projects, time, and expenses, helping you get more money faster for less time and risk. 

“Boast enabled our executive team to focus on building our business instead of chasing SR&ED. They saved us countless hours of pain, guiding us through the process, and putting together our report. We received 100% of our claim with minimal headache, including a full audit. Highly recommend every tech CEO take a close look.”